Singapore Land Administration (SLA) Course

Understanding its Practical Applications to Enhance your Value and Sales

Date: To Be Announced

Trainer: Mr Gaw Seng Suan, John | Managing Partner of LandConsult LLP

He has more than 28 years of land and property experience and expertise, mainly in State land and property administration with the then Land Office and subsequently with the Singapore Land Authority.

Gaw held different appointments within the Authority, as Deputy Commissioner of Lands, Director (Land Resource Group), Director (Land Data) and Chief Data Officer. With his good knowledge and understanding of land work and land issues, and the thinking and rationale behind the many land policies, Gaw set up LandConsult LLP in 2010 with the aim to assist landowners, developers and land users achieve optimal use of Singapore’s limited land resources and to realize equitable win-win outcomes for all stakeholders including for the State.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for anyone who would like to gain relevant knowledge and understanding of Singapore’s land administration laws, policies and practices. In particular, the course will benefit property agents, land and property owners/ investors, related real estate practitioners (lawyers, architects, property consultants) and anyone who simply want to gain useful and valuable knowledge about Singapore’s land administration. The course seeks to impart the key learning and experience of the instructor gained from his more than 26 years selling, buying, leasing and managing State land and property for the Government as the de-facto chief land operations officer.

What will I learn?

You will learn useful and valuable aspects of land administration. Policy and practice in relation to lease tenure, types of State title, alienation of land, sale of remnant land, renewal/ extension of leases, pricing, development charge, differential premium, leasehold table, etc. will be explained and discussed. You will be guided on the thinking behind the land policies and the processes. Interesting case studies and examples will enhance your understanding of the various concepts and policies. You will also learn how to capitalize on public portal and information to enhance your business.

How will I benefit?

The knowledge gained will considerably enhance your usefulness, value, professionalism and competitive edge as a real estate practitioner whether as agent, investor or consultant. For salespersons, it will open the door to new sources of business and profit e.g. sales of landed properties and development sites. You will know when and how to add $ value to your or your client’s property where there are opportunities to do so. This is a sure-fire way to gain more clients and listings. You will be able to position for any upcoming crisis in the property market to reap maximum benefits. You will know how to avoid the usual pitfalls of investing in State land and buildings. And become part of a network where you can tap on for sharing and getting advice on land and planning matters and for business collaboration.

Feedback from Previous Batches

The previous runs of the class were very well received. Some participants asked why the course was not available earlier as the knowledge imparted clearly opened for them the doors to more business and to a wider spectrum of property agency work e.g. landed property sales and development sites. I append below several feedback from the previous batch of participants.

REDAS Members and Associates

Kiegan Chia | Credo Real Estate

The knowledge that you taught is definitely worth every cent of the course fee. I am glad that you are sharing these “well-guarded secrets and insider’s information” from your years of valuable experience to the general public! I am honoured to be one of them! The course is structured in a very easy to understand manner yet providing extremely useful knowledge that could add precious value to landed owners and salespersons like myself! Heartfelt thanks for openly sharing the know-how!

Steven Chua | Property Investor

The course more than met with my expectations. Gaw explained all of Singapore’s land and property in a clear, neat and easy to understand “big picture way” which is very helpful for a property enthusiast like myself. More importantly, I learnt where the opportunities are with regard to State land and buildings, where I, as an individual investor can take advantage of for personal gain, for profit, and also how to go about realising it. The amazing thing is how Gaw made it so simple, clear and interesting. A course which I think everyone interested in making money for themselves and/or for their clients from State land and property must attend.

Amandeep S Bajaj | ERA

The course imparts invaluable knowledge to a Real Estate Salesperson to better comprehend Land Administration, policies and procedures within Singapore. John Gaw Seng Suan’s vast experience and use of practical case studies in this course empowers the Salesperson with niche skills to better serve clients and prospects alike.

Chong Teik Yean | Senior Project Manager, Tuan Sing Holdings Ltd

Excellent class! Recommended to anyone who wants to know, first hand, from your impressive experience about land administration by SLA. Best regards.

Michelle Yeo | DTZ Debenham Tie Leung (SEA) Pte Ltd

The course has enriched me with better understanding on how our state land is allocated and used. A very comprehensive and easy to understand course for anyone who is keen to learn on Land Administration. Good hands on DC and DP calculation. One of the best interactive lessons I have attended. Class number is small resulted in better communication with participants. Whether you will use what you learn or not in the future, it’s still good general knowledge. Throughout the whole course, John has shown that he is willing to share with all his experience and knowledge. John, thank you for introducing us to Land Administration.

Some key points about the course:

  • Authoritative, first-hand knowledge of instructor as de-facto “Key Salesperson” at Singapore Land Authority/ Land Office for 26 years
  • Never before and not otherwise available
  • Tested and positive feedback on instructor, content and content’s usefulness/ value to salespersons
  • Niched, specialized and highly practical & useful aspects will be taught
  • First mover advantage, still many opportunities lying around for you to capitalise on
  • Highly portable and practical knowledge to scale upwards/ improve results in a climate of increasing professionalism and competition
  • Useful & necessary knowledge to do landed and development sites will be taught
  • Highly valuable network that will present many opportunities for collaboration and benefit your business

How to register?

We will release the date and registration procedures when the next course is confirmed.