I am Gaw Seng Suan John, the managing partner of LandConsult LLP. I was previously the Deputy Commissioner of Lands at Land Office and subsequently the Director, Land Resource Group at Singapore Land Authority (SLA). As the chief land operations officer, I led and oversaw the full scope of land work including sales (direct sales/tenders & auctions), purchase, leasing, valuation, etc. I was also directly involved with the formulation of land policies and sat on numerous land related inter-agency committees and work groups such as the Master Plan Committee, Tender Evaluation Committees for Sale of Sites, etc.

With my 28 years of experience in land administration and real estate, directly being involved with the many land policies and practices, various large land transactions involving change of use/extension of lease and with intimate understanding of Government thinking behind policies, there will likely be areas where I can add value or otherwise contribute to your business.

LandConsult provides specialist advice on land matters in Singapore, for example, those pertaining to alienation of State land, lifting of title restriction for change of use (i.e. differential premium matters), topping up or extension of leases, rental of State properties and other peculiar land matters. LandConsult’s main strength is in providing strategic advice on State land transactions/ issues and on your land and property holdings. The purpose of such advice is to help legitimately settle your obstacles, optimize value and returns from the transactions, and identify opportunities to enhance the value of your land and property holdings. Other than strategic advice, LandConsult can also handhold you through your applications for the following: (i) The purchase and rental of State land and properties; (ii) renewal and extension of leases; (iii) lifting of title restriction to allow change and/or intensification of use i.e. differential land premium matters; (iv) surrender and reissue of titles/amalgamation and subdivision of land; (v) appeals for reduction of premiums/rentals; and other land issues you may face. We can also assist and represent landowners who are affected by compulsory land acquisition.

I come in when other property consultants in the market are no longer able to assist landowners and developers on their transactions with SLA, and they would refer the cases to me. I have helped developers saved substantial sums through reduction of land premiums and successfully appealed and resolved protracted land issues for them. For example, I helped a mainboard listed finance company saved millions of dollars by successfully appealing for a reduction of the differential premium sum. Also, I helped a boatel operator win its appeal for a change of land use which had been rejected many times by URA, MND and PMO. I am presently helping clients on various matters such as: appealing for topping up of leases for redevelopment projects on en-bloc sites, alienation of State land and drainage reserves, reduction of rents, etc.

LandConsult presently run courses for the Real Estate Developers Association of Singapore for senior and mid management staff of members of REDAS and its associates. We also train property salespersons, investors and real estate professionals on land administration and land planning matters with Real Centre Network Pte Ltd and Singapore Accredited Estate Agencies Ltd. The knowledge shared will be of much value to corporations involved with the land and property business (e.g. property developers and land agencies), property agents, property investors and foreign companies/new local start-ups interested in setting up business in Singapore.

For landowners and developers, the knowledge gained can help you save time and money on your land and property transactions with the State and help identify opportunities to enhance the potential and value of your land and property holdings. For property agents, the knowledge gained will keep you ahead of the pack as you will be better able to service your clients and add value to them. For property investors, the knowledge gained can help you identify opportunities to make money from investing in State land and buildings. For foreign companies and new local start-up companies interested in setting up operations in Singapore, you can gain good knowledge on the possible avenues and options available for securing the land and buildings you need for your businesses.

LandConsult LLP has intimate knowledge and understanding of Singapore land agencies’ land and building allocation, sale and leasing policies and procedures. Coupled with its extensive contacts within the Singapore public and private sectors, it is well-placed to assist foreign companies planning to start-up operations in Singapore, new local start-ups as well as others source suitable properties for their use. With our good knowledge of the Singapore property market and reliable contacts and network with property developers, property consultants, property agency firms and the government agencies involved with land work, we can help you find the right properties to meet your business needs.

I believe I will be able to advise and add value to your transactions for yourself or your clients, should you need me to as and when they arise. Suffice to say that I have a very niche and in-depth land admin expertise that normal consultants in the market do not have. And, that specialist knowledge, experience, expertise and network would normally enable me to contribute at a strategic level with clear outcomes and benefits.